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TESOL Worldwide - Teaching English Abroad in Wallis and Futuna Islands

The Wallis and Futuna Islands are a French Overseas Territory. Consular support is not available...

Since 2003 Wallis and Futuna has been a French overseas collectivity consisting of three main volcanic tropical islands along with a number of tiny islets, and is split into two island groups.

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Dave says: Teaching the value of work
Q. What are your views on teaching children good work habits? Many of our friends don?t require their kids to help out or work around the house, but we both strongly feel that instilling a ...
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Free Online Academy to Teach Safety Protocols to New Science Teachers
The "New Teacher Academy," produced by Flinn Scientific, will introduce educators with three years or fewer of teaching experience to basics of science safety. Over the course of three 90-minute ...
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Your Views: Keep the flags near the front
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GRPD purchases driving simulator to teach safety to community
GREEN RIVER ? Thanks to the State Farm Foundation who provided a grant of $5000 and the Green River Fire Department Social Fund who donated $600, with the remaining $65 coming out of our regular ...
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Survey: Adaptive Courseware Helped Improve Student Learning During Pandemic
Three-quarters of the survey respondents were teaching their courses entirely online. Most used the adaptive courseware to supplement conventional instructional practices: Sixty-eight percent of ...
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