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Nepal - Level 4: Do Not Travel
Do not travel to?Nepal?due to?COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Nepal due to?the potential for isolated political violence.?
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Nepal is a country in the southern part of Asia mostly in the Himalayas (Himalayian Mountains).

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Internship in Nepal - Teaching English Maths Science Computer in Nepali Schools
Schools in Nepal often lack appropriate funding and resources to adequately teach children. As English is an international language, it is becoming more and more of required skill for job placement, ...

Social media: Promote ethical journalism
Journalism, the fourth organ of the state, plays a significant role in disseminating news and views happening in the society.

Volunteer and Cultural Tour Program in Nepal
Welcome to Nepal, a land of stunning nature and rich diverse culture! This summer join Volunteer Society Nepal for a three weeks volunteer and travel experience in this ancient Himalayan kingdom.

Kathmandu DAO imposes restriction on in-person teaching-learning activities
Kathmandu District Administration Office has restricted educational institutions from conducting in-person teaching-learning activities citing the risk of COVID-19.

Why Johnson City, Tennessee, Is My Nepal
Carolina Quiroga-Stultz moved from Colombia to Johnson City, Tennessee, to study storytelling. She struggled initially, but ultimately found her calling.

MBBS students returning from China allowed to intern from Nepal
KATHMANDU: The students, who passed MBBS from various Chinese universities in 2014, had come to Nepal due to world spreading coronavirus pandemic but could ...

Ten years ago ? a soldier gets a rare bionic arm
A TEACHER told how he had to run for his life when an earthquake struck Asia, killing at least 80 people, in September 2011.

The birth and life of Nepal?s most iconic revolutionary song
Shyam Tamot wrote, composed, and, Nepal?s most famous revolutionary song. Tamot, who was 20 then and a commerce student at Mahendra Colle ...

India Book of Records breaks new boundaries
Talent knows no boundary This is a strong belief of India Book of Records that is committed to the business of record collection since 2006 ...

Wirral group preparing to climb Everest in honour of Mallory
A group of lifelong friends from Wirral is preparing to retrace the steps of George Mallory in a centenary celebration of the 1922 British ...

Strawberry farm loses 20pc of crop due to worker shortages
A frustrated Norfolk fruit grower says about 20pc of his strawberries will remain unharvested this year after losing a third of ...

An exceptional one-man show
Ice-cream. The smell of the earth after rain. Things with stripes. The colour yellow. Sex.As the unnamed narrator starts sharing the things that make him happy, the audience finds themselves ...

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