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ACE College Credit
American TESOL Institute's online TESOL certification course has been evaluated and recommended for college credit by The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service. (ACE CREDIT)

Professional Development, Certification, & Employment Teaching English Professional TESOL Training for Veterans.
American TESOL Institute is authorized by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs to provide test for licensing and certification needed to enter, maintain or advanced into employment in a civilian vocation or profession. (Title 38 & Chapter 1606 of Title 10, United States Code)

Professional Learning with TESOL Certification
American TESOL Institute is authorized by the Georgia Department of Education to provide professional learning units by which teachers, administrators, and other staff acquire, enhance, and refine the knowledge, skills, and practices necessary to create and support high levels of learning for all students.

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#TESOL Webinar, Lesson Starters to Engage #Learners
Discover ideas and lesson starters to engage learners in the first five minutes of class. Open Presentation – Lesson Starters to Engage #Learners
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#TESOL Webinars, Stay Updated on #Technology & #Education Trends
Stay updated on teaching and technology trends with American TESOL Webinars. View and subscribe to over 150 TESOL webinars, and learn about teaching
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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Become TESOL certified to teach adults and children English as a second language. American TESOL Institute offers (TESOL), or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, a certification for professional development, ESL teachers, and teaching English abroad.

TESOL certification worldwide

Online TESOL Certification Courses

Online TESOL Certification

TESOL Certification online enables you to create a unique learning environment, study at your own pace, and fit curriculum into a busy lifestyle.

In-class & Online TESOL Certification Courses

In-class TESOL Certification

TESOL in-class courses offer a combination of in-class and online TESOL training.

Teach English to Children - TESOL for Children Certification

Teach English to Children

Become TESOL Certified to teach English to children, and learn about teaching English overseas.

Teaching English With American TESOL Institute

Upon completion of a TESOL certification course you can teach English as a second language worldwide. American TESOL graduates receive optional ESL job placement teaching English abroad. American TESOL graduates teach non-native English speakers the basics of English while living and working abroad. TESOL and TEFL teachers are trained to meet general academic requirements for teaching ESL which provide opportunities for ATI teachers to excel in a variety of environments. English as a Second Language courses are offered globally in most public and private school systems. There is a high demand for American TESOL teachers at schools and Universities worldwide.

TESOL Certification & ESL Jobs

After becoming certified with American TESOL Institute, a job placement support team helps you in obtaining a teaching job. TESOL Job Placement provides teaching opportunities in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Latin America, or anywhere else in the world where ESL positions are available. ATI provides volunteer and paid teaching jobs at schools or private organizations abroad, and paid or volunteer internships inside the USA. American TESOL graduates also have the option to pursue online and freelance teaching jobs. Job placement is optional with TESOL certification.

American TESOL Institute provides self evaluation reports to ensure teacher trainers receive an important, quality, and professional educational experience. American TESOL Institute, a global corporation based in the USA, works to provide quality teacher training, giving graduates the option to pursue a job teaching English abroad.

American TES0L Institute (ATI) began training students to teach English overseas in 2004. American TESOL provides a standardized online TESOL training program: TESOL Advanced Certification. Additional online TESOL certifications in teaching English to children and teaching business professional English are available.

Online or In-class TESOL, TEFL, ESL Certification with job placement for continuing education, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, teaching online, or teaching in America.

Online TESOL Certifications

Online TESOL Certification gives the opportunity to complete studies using the world wide web. Practical ESL experience is acquired with an online teaching internship.

Global Job Placement Support

American TESOL certification courses provide credentials for teaching English, and opportunities for adults to teach English while traveling, living, and working abroad. The ESL job market in Asia, specifically China, is at an all time high. To meet the global educational demand for ESL teachers, American TESOL Institute offers in-class and online TESOL certification courses.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TESOL is an acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It is synonymous to another acronym, TEFL, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. American TESOL graduates earn the highest pay teaching English in The Middle East and Asia, however opportunities are available in Latin America, Europe, and most countries worldwide.

Travel the world while working in a rewarding and profitable field with American TESOL Certification Courses. TESOL Expert course certifications teach training techniques that can be utilized in most ESL program environments. The TESOL Expert course studies include general ESL teaching, teaching business professionals English, teaching English to children, classroom management skills, creating ESL lesson plans, and assessing student progress. American TESOL courses train teachers to successfully interact in a cross-cultural ESL classroom. TESOL online and in-class courses certify ATI graduates to work as volunteer or paid ESL trainers in over 100 countries worldwide. American TESOL is committed to providing quality education, and graduates an optional real world job teaching English abroad.

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TESOL Certification

American #TESOL Certification Courses


Online or In-class Hybrid TESOL, TEFL, ESL Certification with job placement for continuing education, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, teaching online, or teaching in America.

ATI offers 3 online courses, TESOL Advanced, TESOL for Children, and TESOL for Business certification, which also includes teacher placement support.
Online or In-class Hybrid TESOL, TEFL, ESL Certification with job placement for continuing education, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, teaching online, or teaching in America.

Optional job placement is provided to graduates of American TESOL in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, or online. Online or In-class Hybrid TESOL, TEFL, ESL Certification with job placement for continuing education, teaching overseas, teaching abroad, teaching online, or teaching in America.

Join American TESOL Institute for TESOL teacher training, TESOL certification, and job placement teaching English abroad. American TESOL Institute's corporate and training campus is located in Tampa, Florida, USA. Completing American TESOL certification enables you to teach English abroad in a variety of ESL programs worldwide.


Mission & Vision

American TESOL Institute (ATI) was incorporated in 2004 to meet the global demand for professionally trained English teachers, and provides TESOL certification courses. American TESOL Institute's mission is the standardizing of an introductory English teacher training program for individuals wishing to teach English.

American TESOL Mission & Vision

Combination Courses

TESOL Foundation for Children

Foundation for children TESOL certifications include TESOL Advanced certification, and a focus course on teaching English to children.

TESOL Foundation for Business Online
Foundation for business TESOL certification courses include TESOL Advanced certification, and a focus course on teaching English to business professionals.

TESOL Expert
Expert TESOL courses include TESOL Advanced certification with focus courses on teaching children and business English.

TESOL News Briefs

TESOL Education News Briefs
Research the latest news about language, education, and technology.


TESOL2 - Technology Language Immersion
Technology Language Immersion is the total immersion into a second language achieved through machines.