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Live Sept. 24, Create Engaging English Lessons with Social Media Videos
Join us live with Samuel Williams, an English teacher and social media video content creator. His videos aim to bring travel and storytelling into the classroom to create more engaging […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Story Paul
Paul is an Argentine-American TESOL-Certified English Teacher and Educational Content Creator. He holds a bachelor?s degree in audiovisual communication and began his career as a television writer and producer. Through […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Larissa Albano
Larissa Albano is an English language teacher and entrepreneur who’s been teaching young learners and adults since 2011. Her teaching approach is based on a variety of learning styles, and […]

Join or Watch an ELT Game Show June 25
Join American TESOL and Fluency MC live for the third episode of the ELT Game Show. Work as a team, and play a game where English teachers from around the […]

Live June 16th, Featured Teacher William Aycox
With business experience across four different industries, American William Aycox is an Educational and Motivational Consultant who currently resides in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has a BA in English/History along […]

How to Remember English, TESOL Webinar
Memories are a mental bank of stories, and learning English as a second language is a dual-process between the conscious and unconscious mind of encoding, storage, and recall. Common words […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Thiago Materia May 14
Thiago Materia began teaching English in 1999 to help business professionals in Brazil facilitate communication with their clients. Since then he has led company training, workshops, and seminars at schools and universities worldwide.  […]

Join an English Language Teacher Quiz Show April 16
It?s time for another ELT Quiz Show, and this time we have special prizes for the winners! English teachers worldwide: The first 24 of you to join on Friday, April […]

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