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Join Us Live for the First Ever English Teacher Quiz Show
English Teachers: Have you ever played a LIVE quiz game with your peers around the world? A game where you play on a team to answer questions about grammar, vocabulary, […]

Rhyme and Rhythm Live in the Netherlands with Fluency MC
Join Fluency MC to ROCK your speaking skills at an American TESOL Institute Rhyme and Rhythm Workout with high school students at ROC Almere Poort in the Netherlands. Rhyme and […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Carys Cooke Feb. 15th
Founder of English Arts Academy, Carys holds a degree in Theatre, and has been an English teacher for over ten years. Currently residing in Greece, she takes pride in providing […]

Join us Live Jan. 28th ? How to Teach & Learn Confusing Grammar Structures
Grammar is a system of communication which enables us to study words, how they are used in sentences, and how they change in different situations. Teaching and learning grammar often leads […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher David Rajaraman Jan. 8th
David Rajaraman (speaklikedavid.com) is an English fluency and speaking coach with over 8 years? experience. As an Indian born and raised in Brunei, and despite not being a native-speaker, English […]

Learn English with Rhyme and Rhythm Live in Santiago, Chile
ESL classrooms from around the world are welcome to join us for a Rhyme and Rhythm workout with Fluency MC at The Luis Gandarillas Christian Institute in Santiago where Claudia […]

Join us Live & Discover the Trident of Fluency with Jason R. Levine
When designing an ESL (English as a Second Language) curriculum for instruction and assessment; the trident of teaching fluency is to relax, repeat, and remember. This can be done using rhythm and rhyme […]

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Marek Tkaczyk of Speakadelic
Marek Tkaczyk’s passion in teaching stems from a life-long obsession with creativity and proactivity. Having been a teacher and teacher trainer for almost 20 years, he’s had a chance to […]

TESOL Webinar, Top 10 Tips to Prepare for English Tests
Whether it?s a test of the mind, body, or both, preparation is key to overcome the fear of failure; and being prepared is like already having passed the test. From […]

Join us with Featured Teacher Cecilia Nobre Live Nov. 7
In this Featured Teacher Webinar Cecilia will discuss why original, genuine, and authentic study materials motivate learning, and show teachers how they can plan and create effective lessons by using […]

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