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Foreigners Exit Northeastern Syria Fearing Regime Reach
"I'm very afraid, and I think many people will be killed," said 50-year old Sheikha Hami, an elementary school teacher leaving with her two children to stay with her sister in Iraq. Her children ...
Publ.Date : Mon, 14 Oct 2019 23:08:00 GMT

This Army Veteran Went to Syria for the Kurds. He Can?t Believe What Trump Is Doing.
?I was on the phone for hours and hours.? He then arranged to get smuggled across the border into northern Syria. Initially, he assisted the Kurds as he might have if he had been a Peace Corps ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 08 Oct 2019 23:27:00 GMT

A Snail for Peace: Our Support and Full Solidarity with the Populations Under Attack in Syria
?The phone lines are down, the resistance has begun?I?ll try to pass you the numbers of those who speak English?? This is the message we received yesterday from members of our network in Syria, Rojava ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 10 Oct 2019 06:26:00 GMT

As a White Helmet, she spent years saving lives in war-torn Syria. Now she?s building a new life in Canada
You can?t just bring them in and leave them,? says Smith, a retired English-as-a-second-language teacher at Brock University, who was asked to check on the women by a journalist friend who covered the ...
Publ.Date : Sun, 06 Oct 2019 04:36:00 GMT

As new Syrian exodus unfolds, some fear they will never go home
The ethnically mixed northeast region is home to some 1.5-2 million people, many of them uprooted from other parts of Syria. Semira Haj Ali, the head of the education board in the region, said ...
Publ.Date : Sat, 12 Oct 2019 14:22:00 GMT

Syria, Matt Lauer, Washington Nationals: Your Thursday Briefing
By allowing Turkey to attack America?s Kurdish allies in Syria, the U.S. risks repeating a scenario that helped pave the way ... trying to storm a synagogue that he hoped to kill as many Jews as ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 10 Oct 2019 05:10:00 GMT

U.S. takes custody of British members of Islamic State group accused of beheading hostages, including James Foley
The two men, El Shafee Elsheikh and Alexanda Amon Kotey, along with other British jihadis, allegedly made up the IS cell nicknamed "The Beatles" by surviving captives because of their English accents.
Publ.Date : Thu, 10 Oct 2019 03:42:00 GMT

Jessica Nabongo\'s Lessons from Visiting Every Country
She moved abroad to teach English in Japan in her early twenties and then got a master?s degree in ... As the celebrations in the Seychelles continued, Nabongo shared some of what she learned along ...
Publ.Date : Fri, 11 Oct 2019 03:57:00 GMT

Feature: Syrian girls break traditions to go to school in Turkey
Mey is lucky because her parents support her ambitions, however, thousands of other Syrian girls in Turkey are not going to schools ... The sole fact that we don't hear the bombings makes us happy," ...
Publ.Date : Sat, 12 Oct 2019 13:38:00 GMT

As fewer refugees enter the US, one Chicago group decides to go to them
The woman and her family were refugees from Syria and the tent housed all the belongings they had remaining ... helping refugees get to know their new communities, practicing English together and ...
Publ.Date : Tue, 15 Oct 2019 08:58:00 GMT

Public Pulse: Tragedy on the roads; School spending too high; Syrian strategy concern
With a K-12 base of 312,000, educational expenses are far out of line, perhaps not so much at the teacher level but certainly in administration and other areas ... about President Donald Trump ...
Publ.Date : Thu, 10 Oct 2019 22:01:00 GMT

Turkey, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Activision Blizzard: Your Wednesday Briefing
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey announced today that his country?s planned operation targeting Kurdish militants in northeastern Syria had begun. Mr. Erdogan said the operation ... in ...
Publ.Date : Wed, 09 Oct 2019 06:40:00 GMT

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