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TESOL Worldwide - Teaching English Abroad in Madagascar

Madagascar - Level 3: Reconsider Travel
Reconsider travel to Madagascar due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Madagascar due to crime.

Madagascar is a developing island nation off the east coast of Africa. The primary languages are French and Malagasy. French is less spoken outside of major cities. Facilities for tourism are available, but vary in quality. Travelers seeking high-end accommodations should make reservations in advance.

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Pet trade relies on ?disposable? wild chameleons from Madagascar
With the sun still low in the sky, my taxi boat pulled up to a floating wooden pontoon in the bustling port of Ankify in northwestern Madagascar. As one of the few foreigners, or vazaha, in the port ...

UN seeks 76 mln USD for Madagascar aid
UN humanitarians appealed on Tuesday for 76 million U.S. dollars to aid more than 1 million people in Madagascar facing a potentially life-threatening lack of food, nutrition, water, sanitation and ...

Language and Creolization in an Indian Ocean Diaspora
Ocean of Letters is a remarkable history of imperialism, language, and creolization in the largest African diaspora of the Indian Ocean in the early modern period. Ranging from Madagascar to the ...

Lives transformed 2020: Charting a new course after being cut off from Madagascar
Joe Stevick?s visit to Kitsap County in February from the East African island of Madagascar ... teaching farming techniques and English, then tacked on a third year farther south in a more ...

Starvation Looms in Southern Madagascar, WFP Warns
The U.N. World Food Program warns five years of recurrent drought and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought southern Madagascar to its knees, with hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants struggling to ...

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