Teach English in Spain

One of the best ways to gain practical experience teaching English in Spain is to work with a placement organization that matches families with teachers. Some programs place teachers with families who want to practice speaking English for the summer. These families provide room and board in exchange for intensive English immersion.

Another way to find work as a teacher in Spain is to check with the yellow pages for EFL schools and training programs. Many of these schools provide job placement boards for potential new teachers. If you really want to find a job this way, you need to stay on top of new postings. You may need to check the board every other day in order to stay ahead of your competition. If you take a job with one of the English training programs in Spain, you will need some training in their education methods. Some of the bigger facilities require intensive week-long training courses. These courses help to ensure that you teach English to students using specific lesson plans and techniques that have proven to be effective over the years. Schools in Spain are often known for their signature style of instruction. On the other hand, if you have certified by a program in the U.S., that also makes you a good candidate.

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