Teach English in South Korea

People who want to teach English in South Korea have a number of different options to choose from. More than likely, you will need to do some coursework in teaching English. While any courses will help you to teach, you may want to focus on those that can offer some sort of certification of your skills, as this is what will help you get hired.

ESL jobs in Korea typically offer up to $2,300 a month in U.S. dollars. Most positions are typically held for at least three months, and often last for several years. In addition to an excellent salary, most positions also provide teachers with round trip airfare, free housing, paid vacations, and medical insurance. Some positions even provide ESL teachers with finishing bonuses in the amount of one month's salary. If you want to work in Korea, you need to find an English language school that will sponsor your visa application. You need to submit this application in order to work in another country. Failure to complete such an application can lead to a great deal of trouble in the international community. Most schools sponsor visa applications for qualified candidates.

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