Teaching ESL Students

As ESL and ELD programs are becoming more common, some clear patterns are emerging. One of the best things you can do when working with ESL students is recognize the importance of their own native culture. When you create lesson plans that deal with things students can recognize in their own native language, students are more open to the learning process.

One of the best ways to reach ESL students is to place their cultural traditions in context. One of the best ways to do this is to share holiday traditions from around the world. For example, people all over the world have different ways of celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter. While traditions may vary, certain elements unite people from all over the world. Holidays are a great time to teach students new English vocabulary words. No matter if you're teaching English to native speakers, or you're teaching to students from around the world, it's a good idea to keep your lesson plans fresh. As the new school year approaches, teachers look for new ways to present lesson plans and materials. If you're working with ESL students, you're dealing with a communication barrier that must be addressed through your lesson plans.

One of the main tasks for ESL teachers is to build up the confidence of international students. This confidence boost helps students to take risks and also encourages them to reach for higher levels of learning. This is also true if you are teaching English abroad, which is what more and more English teachers are looking to become certified to do. Another great way to encourage learning among ESL students is to involve family members. Many ESL teachers organize family nights and other special events. This is a great way for students to see the diversity of their fellow classmates. In addition, parents have the opportunity to meet one another and often form friendships and support systems that last for years to come. This is also a great opportunity to encourage people of all ages to practice their conversational English skills.

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