ESL Tutors

If you're looking for work as a private ESL tutor, one of the best places to find work is in Asia. People throughout Asia seek English instruction for a number of different reasons, and they're willing to pay top dollar for it. If you have an undergraduate degree and you're a native English speaker, you already have all the skills you need to teach English.

Before you travel anywhere to find work, you need to do a little research. For one thing, it's important to find a place to live. This can be extremely challenging if you don't speak the native tongue, and you've never visited the country before. You can find a great deal of information online. You can also find a great deal of information by contacting travel agencies, national tourism representatives and even the State Department. One of the great things about becoming an English tutor is the ability to set your own hours. You can teach during the day, or you can make special arrangements to teach at night. In some cases you will be teaching in private residences. Some tutors rent office space once their client list has grown to a level that supports it.

When you're first starting out as a private tutor, it's important to market yourself far and wide. People who sign up for English instruction can be unpredictable, and often cancel sessions at the last minute--this is common to most any foreign language program. If you're relying on the income from just a few clients, you may find yourself at the end of the month with less money than you expected. Some of the best markets for private English instruction include: international businesses, import companies, and travel specialists.

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