Work in Spain

No matter if you're looking for a short-term commitment, or you're thinking about something that lasts for years, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding work in Spain. If you live in the United States and you've always wanted to visit Spain, working overseas is an ideal way to explore new lands without breaking the bank. Rather than visiting Spain as a tourist, you can become a part of the community if you find the right kind of job.

One of the best resources at your disposal is the website hosted by Spain's National Institute of Employment. This website posts government positions and vacancies. In addition, you can post your resume to increase your chances of finding work in Spain. The listings are broken up according to region and then by position. You can also find listings for field offices if you're planning on visiting them directly. Another great resource for finding work in a foreign country is to work directly with an employment agency. These agencies are sometimes called recruitment companies. Recruitment companies often specialize in specific fields such as business, finance, trade, computers, and teaching. These companies typically negotiate pay and benefits for their clients in exchange for a fee from the employer.

It can be difficult to find work in Spain if you are an American. Many of the English teaching jobs go to people living throughout Europe. Fortunately there are still several ways to find teaching work if you are an American. Many teachers live in Spain and work as private tutors. Many families opt for private tutoring for their children. This private tutoring often provides students with a competitive advantage in international business, trade and foreign relations. You can also find work through several different TESOL training and placement programs.

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Billionaire found guilty of trying to smuggle Picasso painting from Spain
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Banker found guilty of smuggling Picasso painting from Spain
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Spanish banker found guilty of trying smuggle Picasso work out of country
A billionaire banker is feeling the pain after trying to take a Picasso out of Spain. Jaime Botin, 83, the ex-chairman of Madrid-based Bankinter ... uncovered in Botin?s yacht by customs officials on ...
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Banker jailed and fined $58 million for smuggling Picasso painting from Spain
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