TEFL Training

If you're thinking about becoming a teacher and you want to add a little adventure to your life, you might want to consider TEFL training. TEFL, which stands for "teaching English as a foreign language," is one of the most popular career choices for those who love travel and exploring new communities. Many people who teach English outside of the United States discover just how similar people are all over the world.

Just because you're teaching English in another part of the world, doesn't mean you need to know another language. While it can be useful in bridging the communication gap, it is not necessary to know any foreign language to work as an English teacher in another country. Many countries require their citizens to learn English as part of the primary education process. Many public and private schools around the world hire native English speakers to provide the best possible education and insight into the subtleties of the English language. Many schools in the United States provide TEFL training. Your TEFL training program depends in large part on your previous education and work experience. Many of the top positions available today require proof of higher education as well as approved TEFL training work. If you're planning on working in a specific country, it's a good idea to find out the minimum national requirements for employment before you invest your time in the wrong educational environment.

Before enrolling in any program, it's a good idea to make sure that it complies with the highest standards for certification and compliance with national standards. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on a program only to find out that it is not recognized as a legitimate TEFL training program around the world.

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Summer?s the time to learn
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Jobs in China with TEFL training
Positions all over China, including in Shanghai & Beijing, Monthly salary of 650-1650 depending on location, Online TEFL course & 2 weeks of training in China. Our state school programme is the ...
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Delfin English teachers win contract improvements after joining IWW
Throughout all of this, the IWW TEFL Workers Union has been instrumental in offering legal guidance, a meeting space, representation, training, and strategic advice. One of the Delfin teachers had ...
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Home or away?
In my role as a Tefl training adviser at Cactus, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is: "Does it matter where you take the course?" Arguably the most important thing to ascertain from the ...
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TEFL Workers\' Union launched in London
As a union, we're here to offer training and support. Our ultimate goal is to establish a ?TEFL charter? that outlines a minimum standard of pay and conditions. With it, we can demand that all London ...
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Everything You Need to Know About TEFL
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7 jobs that pay you to travel the world
You will need a TEFL certification, but there are plenty of TEFL training programs you can take you can take without too much trouble. Plus, there are few jobs more rewarding in general than teaching. ...
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This TEFL Master Certification Course Is Now Only $40
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