Slang O' The Day

Slang Entry # 45 - obliterated
obliterated adjective very drunk US, 1987

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 48 - happy trails
happy trails noun cocaine. From the cowboy song known by those who came of age in the US in the 1950s and 60s US, 1993

happy trails used as a farewell. A catchphrase television sign-off sung on The Roy Rogers Show (NBC, 1951-57). Repeated with referential humour US, 1951

Author : TD and TV

Poll Quiz # 3 - kite
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There are multiple slang definitions of kite. This quiz will ask you which meaning you think is

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Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 52 - 6-10
6 - 10 verb to have sex UK, 1981

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 54 - barossa
barossa noun a girl. Rhyming slang for Barossa Pearl (a popular white wine). AUSTRALIA, 1980

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 49 - j-load
j-load nickname a generously proportioned backside. After the widely appreciated hindquarters of film actress and singer Jennifer Lopez (b. 1970), popularly known and marketed by the nickname 'J Lo'. Recorded in use in contemporary gay society UK, 2003

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 44 - bling
bling noun a vulgar or ludicrously ostentatious display of wealth US, 2003

bling-bling noun
1 wealth, especially as manifested in expensive, if tasteless, jewellery. Coined by hip-hop rapper B.G. and appearing in his 1999 'Chopper City in the Ghetto' US, 1999. 2 ostentation. A generalised sense that derives from the previous sense UK, 2003

bling-bling verb to be successful, especially in hip-hop; hence, to be ostentatious; to make money US, 2003

bling-blinger noun a successful or established member of the hip-hop community. From the BLING-BLING worn as an ostentatious symbol of status US, 2000

blinged; blinged out adjective ostentatious; expensively bejewelled, especially if a tasteless display. From BLING-BLING (ostentatious jewellery) US, 2000

blinging adjective ostentatious and expensive. Derives from BLING-BLING (ostentatious jewellery) UK, 2003

bling it up verb to have an ostentatiously expensive lifestyle; to temporarily lead such a life. Extended from BLING-BLING (wealth, tasteless ostentation) UK, 2003

Blinglish noun a slang and black patois-rich form of English, especially when used by white urban youths. Extended from BLING UK, 2005

bling-tastic adjective extravagantly ostentatious UK, 2002

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 55 - emby
emby noun in carnival usage, a gullible player US, 1985

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 37 - gorbie
gorbie noun a stupid tourist CANADA 1989

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry #59 - flight deck
flight deck noun the female breasts UK, 1981
Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 42 - PITA
PITA used as Internet shorthand to mean 'pain in the ass/arse' US, 1995

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 51 - tawny
tawny adjective excellent US, 1993

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 50 - fifty
fifty noun 1 a serving of beer that is half new and half old. A shortening of FIFTY FIFTY AUSTRALIA, 1965. 2 a .50 calibre machine gun US, 1977

fifty-dollar lane noun in trucking, the inside passing lane. A name based on the fine at the time on many motorways for truckers who used the inside lane US, 1976

fifty-fifty noun 1 oral sex followed by anal sex. Largely supplanted by HALF AND HALF US, 1941. 2 in the television and film industries, a shot of two actors facing each other, each taking up half the screen US, 1977. 3 a serving of beer that is half new and half old AUSTRALIA, 1972

fifty-fifty! give me half of what you are consuming! FIJI, 2002

fifty-five noun in craps, a roll of two fives US, 1974

fifty-mission cap noun a cap similar to that worn by bomber crews during World War 2 US, 1956

fifty-one; one fifty-one
noun small pieces of crack cocaine sprinkled in a tobacco or marijuana cigarette US, 1994

fifty PSI finger
noun (among Canadian armed forces personnel) a finger poked into someone's chest to emphasise a point forcefully CANADA, 1995

fifty-two noun in craps, a roll of five and two - a seven US, 1973

fifty-two/twenty club noun US military veterans who were entitled to benefits of $20 a week for a year after World War 2, making a life of bohemian leisure possible US, 1946

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 40 - comfort lady
comfort lady noun a prostitute US, 2000

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 56 - raize
raize verb to annoy or harass someone US, 1991

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 53 - yerhia
yerhia noun marijuana UK, 2003

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 58 - double-aught buck
double-aught buck noun double-O (.32 calibre) buckshot used in police shotguns US, 1982

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 38 - agate
agate noun 1 a marble in the slang sense of sanity US<>2 a small penis US, 1969

agates noun the testicles US, 1941

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 57 - stokaboka
stokaboka adjective extremely enthusiastic US, 1991
Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 38 - soak
soak noun a drunk UK, 1820

soak verb to use something as collateral for a loan US, 1972

soaked adjective drunk. First recorded by Benjamin Franklin in 1737 US, 1737

soaker noun 1 a surfer who lingers in the water, rarely catching a wave US, 1991. 2 a pawnshop CANADA, 1976. 3 an extremely large halibut US, 1997

Author : TD and TV

Update from Tom
Tom recently had the opportunity to take part in the Authors at Google series, a great program of informal talks by authors that are filmed and posted on You Tube. Tom's talk was at the company headquarters, also known as the Googleplex, in Mountain View, CA on March 18th.

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 46 - toke
toke noun 1 an inhalation of marijuana smoke US, 1962. 2 marijuana UK, 2001. 3 a dose of a drug US, 1994. 4 cocaine UK, 2003. 5 in casino gambling, a gratuity either in the form of betting chips or in the form of a bet made in the name of the dealer. An abbreviation of 'token of gratitude' US, 1981

toke verb 1 to inhale smoke from a tobacco cigarette, a marijuana cigarette, a crack cocaine pipe or other drug US, 1952. 2 to sniff up and inhale cocaine UK, 2001. 3 to tip someone. Almost exclusively casino usage US, 1983

toke pipe noun a short-stemmed pipe used for smoking marijuana US, 1982

noun 1 a marijuana smoker US, 1973. 2 in a casino, a tipper. Because tips in casinos are most often in the form of gambling tokens or 'tokes' US, 1974

toke up verb to smoke marijuana US, 1959

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 43 - unbling
unbling noun cheap, shoddy, unimpressive jewelry. The opposite of BLING UK, 2005

Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 41 - dickwit
dickwit noun an idiot, a contemptible fool UK, 2001
Author : TD and TV

Slang Entry # 39 - larf
larf noun nonsense, rubbish US, 1966

Author : TD and TV