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´╗┐Simply Present: The Complete Guide to the Present Simple Tense in English

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift: that’s why we call it the present.”

This play on words was written by cartoonist Bil Keane, and it’s meant to make us grateful to be alive.

Whether …

Publ.Date : Mon, 28 Sep 2020 16:20:02 +0000

The 8 Types of English Nouns You Need to Know, with Lots of Examples

What do dogs, a lake, sunglasses, Mount Kilimanjaro and a banana all have in common?

Not sure?

They’re all examples of nouns.

If you didn’t recognize these words as nouns right away, don’t worry. In this post, we’re going to

Publ.Date : Tue, 22 Sep 2020 02:06:02 +0000

Mark Your Calendars: It?s Time to Learn the Months in English!

When’s your birthday?

Mine’s in June!

Or is it July? Or maybe January?

Learning the months in English can be tricky (challenging)!

And then there’s the added problem of memorizing each month’s holidays in English.

Maybe you already know words …

Publ.Date : Mon, 14 Sep 2020 19:13:59 +0000

Bees, Butterflies and Beyond: 34 Insects in English to Add to Your Collection

Caterpillar, cockroach, cricket, oh my!

Did you know that there are overá900 thousand different kinds of insects, which makes up 80% of the world’s animal species?

Don’t worry, though; you don’t have to learn all 900 thousand to be …

Publ.Date : Mon, 31 Aug 2020 23:55:52 +0000

From Fairs to Novels: 21 Everyday English Words with Multiple Meanings

Once upon a time, there was a fair boy at the fair, and he was really fair!

There was also a bat flying around a bat, a friend of mine in a mine and a man with a bow bowing …

Publ.Date : Wed, 19 Aug 2020 13:05:17 +0000

29 Car Parts in English: Let?s Break It Down!

English is spoken in more than 70 countries around the world.

You can use English as you road-trip through all 50 states of the United States of America.

You can speak with locals in English as you drive …

Publ.Date : Mon, 17 Aug 2020 22:18:33 +0000

To vs. For: What?s the Difference? Learn How to Use ?To? and ?For? in English Sentences

Look at these two sentences:

Can you bring some flowers for Mary?

Can you bring some flowers to Mary?

Do these sentences have different meanings?

The answer is yes?these sentences have different meanings. But maybe you can’t see why.

Are …

Publ.Date : Mon, 10 Aug 2020 19:42:10 +0000

Ice, Wind, Sand, Fog: How to Talk About the 4 Seasons in English

What’s your favorite time of year?

Do you prefer the sun, sand and hot weather? Or do you like the snow and the cold?

How about something in the middle: warm, but not too hot, maybe a few clouds …

Publ.Date : Wed, 05 Aug 2020 13:01:13 +0000

Go with the Flow! 37 English Connectors to Improve Your Speaking and Writing

It’s time for a short quiz!

Do you have too many ideas for a project but you struggle to put them together?

Are your essays marked poorly despite all your grammatically-correct sentences?

Have you been told that your paragraphs often …

Publ.Date : Mon, 13 Jul 2020 21:27:00 +0000

It?s Adventure Time! 40+ Camping Words You Need to Know

Do you like being outdoors?

Would you like to fall asleep in the grass, looking up at the stars?

How about a walk in the woods, playing hide-and-seek among the trees, with your friends?

If all of this sounds exciting …

Publ.Date : Mon, 06 Jul 2020 10:00:22 +0000

Quick Access to Hundreds of Effective English Vocabulary Quizzes for All Levels and Likes

Pop quiz!

Oh no!

Remember, when your teacher would spring (give without notice) a surprise quiz on your class, and you would immediately (right away) go into panic mode?

Well, do not worry, these are not those types of anxiety-causing …

Publ.Date : Wed, 01 Jul 2020 17:28:37 +0000

English Feelings: Your Complete Guide to Expressing Your Emotions

“How are you feeling today?”

“I am good, thanks!”

“No, how are you, really?”

“I am….”

At times, both native English speakers and language learners can find it difficult to answer such a simple question?how are you really

Publ.Date : Mon, 29 Jun 2020 23:48:44 +0000

Began or Begun: Your One-stop Guide to These Tricky English Words

Reading the correct train times when heading to a job interview.

Double-checking that box of hair dye to make sure it won’t turn your hair green.

Understanding the small differences between words like began and begun

These are the …

Publ.Date : Wed, 24 Jun 2020 22:00:49 +0000

English Wh- Questions: The Beginner?s Guide to Asking and Answering

Questions are a useful part of all languages.

Asking questions helps you figure out where the train station is, what you’re ordering from a restaurant or what time you’re meeting a friend.

In English, one specific type of question …

Publ.Date : Wed, 17 Jun 2020 22:50:42 +0000

How to Say You?re Welcome: 16 Ways to Say It & 4 Ways to Use It

There’s a common expression in English that says variety is the spice of life.”

It means in order for things to be interesting, they need to be new, different and constantly changing.

But variety is also the spice of …

Publ.Date : Wed, 10 Jun 2020 20:03:41 +0000

Two Sides of the Coin: Agreeing and Disagreeing in English Conversations

“And I will, but you won’t

And I do, but, but you don’t

We won’t budge either way

But we like it, we like it”

These lines from Katy Perry’s song “Agree to Disagree” show that just because you disagree …

Publ.Date : Mon, 08 Jun 2020 21:27:32 +0000

Madam, Mrs. or Miss? Your Guide to Addressing People in English

“Excuse me, ma’am.” “Nice to meet you, sir.” “Hey, buddy!”

Wait, back up. There are so many ways of addressing people in English. But what’s the right way?

When should you use a formal term and when can you use …

Publ.Date : Wed, 03 Jun 2020 12:26:44 +0000

Learn the Difference Between ?Make? and ?Do?: A Stress-free Guide for English Learners

You’ve studied your English verb conjugation.

You’ve got a great grasp of vocabulary and your accent is perfect.

You’re talking to native speakers and understanding every single word.

In short, you’re feeling great.

And then, out of nowhere, two …

Publ.Date : Mon, 01 Jun 2020 18:47:38 +0000

He Said, She Said: Mastering English Reported Speech (Direct and Indirect)

Do you like to tell stories?

Do you enjoy gossiping about which celebrities are dating each other?

Do you chat with your friends about your other friends?

Or do you just enjoy reading books and magazines?

If you said

Publ.Date : Wed, 27 May 2020 12:35:20 +0000

A+ for Effort: 44 Daily Use English Sentences in School

I vividly remember my first day at school.

I’m sure you do, too!

I remember feeling scared, shy and tongue-tied (unable to speak). I wanted to make new friends and fit in, but I wasn’t sure what to say.

Plus, …

Publ.Date : Mon, 25 May 2020 14:24:11 +0000