Learning English

5 Effective Ways to Learn English Through Immersion

Wondering how you’re going to use your English in the real world?

Learning English is about more than reviewing vocabulary and grammar.

You need to know how to actually use the language, and to hear how others use it.…

Publ.Date : Wed, 15 Feb 2017 20:10:48 +0000

Awesome English Learning Tools You Might Already Own

If you’re not using your phone to learn English, you’re missing out.

That’s right. Your smartphone is secretly an awesome English learning tool?and there are several more sitting right under your nose.

Accessories and gadgets that you already own can …

Publ.Date : Thu, 09 Feb 2017 04:46:52 +0000

25 Amazing Animal Idioms in English

Your friend says, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

And you’re wondering, “what? We weren’t talking about dogs. What’s he talking about?”

You’ve just heard an animal idiom. One of many.

Get some more practice with your …

Publ.Date : Thu, 09 Feb 2017 00:02:42 +0000

Build a Career in Hotel Work with These English Training Resources

Looking for a job where you can use your English skills?

More importantly, would you like a job that can take you anywhere in the world?

Then you should boost your English abilities and your career with hotel

Publ.Date : Wed, 01 Feb 2017 15:49:12 +0000

How to Turn WhatsApp into Your #1 English-learning Tool

Let me show you a little secret.

If you have a smartphone, you can access a fun, easy English learning tool.

You might already have it on your phone. You might even use it every day.

It is not …

Publ.Date : Thu, 26 Jan 2017 00:06:24 +0000

Learn English with Audio: Listening Practice for Every Language Level

When you think about having a conversation in English, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it using perfect grammar? Is it remembering just the right vocabulary? Is it pronouncing every word right?

While …

Publ.Date : Wed, 18 Jan 2017 20:35:18 +0000

Are You Learning English with Subtitles Yet? Start Today!

Do you remember the first time you watched a movie with subtitles on?

You were probably a bit confused about how to read the subtitles and still pay attention to what was happening in the movie!

Subtitles translate the dialogue

Publ.Date : Mon, 16 Jan 2017 22:31:53 +0000

Easy Short Stories Can Dramatically Improve Your English?See How Here!

You can use your English to learn about other people’s lives, study history, experience new cultures and explore new places.

And you can do this without traveling anywhere!

All you need is a great story.

You probably already know …

Publ.Date : Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:19:47 +0000

30 Common English Words That Are Difficult to Spell for Everyone

Have you ever encountered a word in English that you could not spell right, no matter how hard you tried?

Have you made a mistake trying to spell “acquaintance,” “colonel” or “rhythm”?

You are not alone!

There are so many …

Publ.Date : Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:18:15 +0000

15 Smart Sites for Learning English with Videos

You’ve watched every episode of “Friends.”

You’ve watched many classic English movies (and read the books they were based on).

You even have some favorite ESL lesson channels on YouTube.

Now you want something different to watch and you’re not …

Publ.Date : Wed, 04 Jan 2017 23:09:17 +0000

3 Popular Social Media Sites and 11 Ways to Improve Your English with Them

No matter where you are on the journey of learning English, your English skills can always become better.

Progress is very important for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners alike.

You can always improve. To improve, you will need to practice …

Publ.Date : Thu, 29 Dec 2016 05:19:08 +0000

How to Learn English by Reading Fun, Exciting Materials

Is it your 2017 goal to reach fluency in English?

Imagine that you can realize this goal while reading leisurely, in your pajamas, next to a hot cup of your favorite coffee or tea.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?


Publ.Date : Mon, 26 Dec 2016 22:51:06 +0000

Basic English: 30+ Golden Phrases That Are Incredibly Useful

Do you want to say more than “Hi” and “How are you?”

And would you like to sound like a native English speaker now (instead of waiting until you reach the advanced level)?

You’re in the right place!

Below are …

Publ.Date : Tue, 20 Dec 2016 00:04:17 +0000

5 Common English Errors That Can Totally Change What You?re Trying to Say

“Hunters please use caution when hunting pedestrians using walk trails.”

Show this sentence to native English speakers, and they’ll laugh.

Why? What’s wrong with it?

It’s missing punctuation marks!

Marks like the period and the comma make language clear

Publ.Date : Thu, 15 Dec 2016 15:54:19 +0000

The 10 Best Academic English Courses You Can Take Online

Are you planning to go to college soon?

Are you already a student, and having some trouble with your college-level English?

It might be time to improve your academic English skills.

Academic English is a bit different from everyday English

Publ.Date : Thu, 15 Dec 2016 15:13:31 +0000

How to Make Your Own English Sentences with These 18 Easy Forms

The English language is like Legos.

If you want to build a solid structure, you need to put down the first few blocks in the right place.

That’s why learning basic English sentences is so important!

You need to know

Publ.Date : Thu, 08 Dec 2016 05:26:32 +0000

Social English Secrets: 5 Techniques to Get You Talking

Think back to the first time you spoke English in a real, authentic social situation.

What was it like? Were you nervous?

What did you talk about? How did you start the conversation?

Did you tell a joke? …

Publ.Date : Tue, 06 Dec 2016 03:15:37 +0000

The Top 12 Native Websites for English Reading Practice

The internet connects people in ways that were never possible before.

It’s a place for communicating, sharing and learning.

It’s also a place where you can find some incredible English writing.

When you think of getting English reading practice

Publ.Date : Tue, 29 Nov 2016 00:01:00 +0000

How to Learn American and British English with 10 Cool TV Shows

Want to learn real, authentic English?

Then turn on your television! Watching popular TV shows is an extremely fun and effective way to study English.

After all, TV shows can teach you how native English speakers really use their language

Publ.Date : Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:38:15 +0000

25 Positive Phrases in English to Spread Smiles and Good Feelings

You are so awesome!

Really, I believe in you?you can do it!

From learning English to succeeding at your job, you can accomplish whatever you want!

I mean every word of this.

It feels good to be told something …

Publ.Date : Wed, 23 Nov 2016 22:10:50 +0000