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If you want to give something back to your community, and you love working with students of all ages, you can find a job for teaching English as a second language. ESL jobs are available in your local community and all over the world. You can teach English in a traditional classroom, or you can take the learning to the great outdoors in a summer camp type learning environment.

Depending on your location, there are a wide range of jobs available. For example, there are a number of positions for high school teachers in San Diego, California. San Diego is just one of the many cities throughout the United States where the need for ESL instructors often outweighs the number of available teachers. AP English students aged 16 and over can apply for temporary positions teaching through San Diego State University. China is one of the most popular locations for Americans to find work teaching English as a second language. People of all ages want to learn conversational English, and they're willing to pay top dollar for instruction from native English speakers. For example, there is a private learning program in Shenyang, Liaoning. The program employs a number of teachers, and is looking for people continually. The position offers a great salary, paid vacations, rooms boarding and lodging, and airfare to qualified teachers.

One of the best ways to find job listings like the ones mentioned above is to take certification and training classes from an approved ESL educational facility. Many of the top jobs require this type of education. In addition, most programs offer some sort of job placement program for graduates. These programs often have connections to the international community that you simply can't find on your own.

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