American TESOL Institute's School of English

  • Learn English. Use the TESOLAI system to improve your pronunciation, grammar, and comprehension skills.
  • Explore Virtlantis in Second Life. Virtlantis offers students a unique virtual learning environment to complete studies.
  • Request a Teacher. Request a teacher for conversational English lessons discussing aspects of pronunciation, grammar, and comprehension. School of English teachers are native English speakers.
American TESOL makes learning English fun and meaningful by using modern day technology combined with classical literature. Welcome to a new way of mastering the English language.

Our Teachers

  • Kip Yellowjacket Developer of the Virtlantis, Kip has five years teaching experience in South Korea.
  • Leigh Blanchard Co-founder and teacher at the School of English, Leigh has two years teaching experience in China.
  • Raquel Moreau Fluent in American Sign Language, Raquel has six years teaching experience in South Africa & Online.